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Entering our restaurant you make a decisive choice: to satisfy your taste for a superior dinning experience where it is made, and has always been made, for the pleasure and passion of cooking.
The large visible grill and chimney is the heart of our restaurant, where new and old are expertly mixed, a young and creative staff, with professionalism and enthusiasm, reinterpret traditional flavours, using only the best products and skillfully preparing every dish.
The joy of eating can be rediscovered, in a welcoming and comfortable ambience, with elegant and sober lines, our reserved dinning room is an ideal location for refined lunches, business dinners, or for any romantic occasion. With wood featured rooms and elegantly set tables, you will be pampered with professional and efficient service, both punctual and cordial, which is quite rare and hard to find. We will delight and impress you with the mastery of our servers by preparing perfect steak-tartare and even hand cutting prosciutto right at your table. Whatever you order will be prepared and portioned right in front of your eyes because...we have nothing to hide and everything to show!
baseThe restaurant has 75 seats, located in 3 openly connected rooms. It is possible to reserve one or more areas depending on the size and nature of the event: luncheons, business lunches or dinners, small private ceremonies, or romantic dinners for two. The restaurant also has a private dinning rooms downstairs connected to the wine cellar that can be reserved exclusively; perfect for cigar smoking and tasting distilled liquors.


The wine list represents a unicum, that shines for its thoroughness and innovation, exceptionally integrating the parallels of italian culinary art through the evolution of wine making in Italy to show quality, making this the ideal place for all wine enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, who want to discover the surprises that over 400 different labels can offer. Something to think about? Perhaps the bottles from Amarone di Romano Dal Forno or those from Barolo di Roberto Voerzio, not to mention those from Barbaresco di Angelo Gajaor the precious reserves of Brunello di Montalcino from the nobile Tuscan families like Biondi Santi, Marchesi Frescobaldi and Marchesi Antinori. Just to name a few!


Questo è un vero ristorante romano e non uno di quei posti per i turisti. Il menu è ampio e ricco di piatti della tradizione italiana. Ottimo il pesce e ottima la carne. La costata per esempio è una vera bistecca. Il personale è gentile e amichevole e la scelta dei vini è ampia e variegata. Laura Cernetti

To book please call +39 06 42 88 0660

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ADDRESS Girarrosto Fiorentino
via Sicilia, 46 - 00187 Roma
Tel.: 06 42 88 0660