About us Girarrosto Fiorentino Staff

Girarrosto Fiorentino opened in the 60s, the golden era of the “Dolce Vita”, when Rome was the capital of international cinema. Evidence from that glamorous period remain today such as the carousel sign and never-ending passion for good cuisine, that still attracts an American A-list clientele, from Francis Ford Coppola to Meryl Streep.

To our clients, both famous or not, we make a promise that we have proudly upheld for more than 50 years: to respect traditional italian cuisine and to serve with style and elegance.Ours is a “classical” Tuscan-inspired restaurant, with incursions into roman cuisine.
For those who appreciate good meat, we offer a paradise offlorentine steak, châteaubriand, entrecôte, and a precious selection of quality chianina meat, to pair with a “good bottle of wine”, chosen from our more than 400 different labels on the wine list including the most prestigious tuscan reds and the renowned wine varieties from Langhe.